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4.3PS – Pump Stand

PS –  Pump Stands are commonly used in the industry to give structural support to vertical in-line pumps while providing isolation from minor vibrations.


The new line of Vibrasystems’s Vertical in-line Pump Stand has a solid, heavy-duty welded reinforced steel frame, an elastomer bearing pad, and two bridge-bearing bushings. PS's frame is powder-coated for corrosion protection. The elastomer bearing pad provides excellent isolation from transferring vibrations to pump stands. The bridge-bearing neoprene washer bushings isolate anchor bolts from the pump stand metal frame.

DPS – Double Pump Stand consists of two PS Pump Stands bolted together.

This installation is recommended for extra heavy in-line vertical pumps where an increase in structural rigidity is required and for installation in seismic active zones.

Recommended for:


Vibrasystem’s Vertical in-line Pump Stands are designed for Vertical in-line pumps ranging from 2” to 12” pump’s flange size. Pump Stand’s holes are designed to match cast iron flange dimensions ANSI class 125.  Double Pump Stands (DPS models) are recommended for extra heavy vertical in-line pumps to increase stability and protect from seismic forces.

Welded-in corners and rugged steel frame provide rigidity to the Pump Stand.
Powder-Coating provides good corrosion resistance.
Elastomer Bearing Pad reduce transmission of minor vibrations.
Bridge-bearing bushings prevent metal-to-metal contact.
Easy and Fast to be installed in the field.
Available from 2” up to 12” inline pump flange sizes.
Advertised price is per piece. Two (2) Pump Stands per a vertical in-line pump is recommended.
Pump Stand's holes are designed to match cast iron flange dimensions ANSI class 125.
For seismic applications and extra heavy pumps, DPS (Double Pump Stand) models are recommended.
Pump Stand with size over 12" is available upon request.

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ModelPump's Flange Size (in)Shipping Weight (lbs)PriceQuantityTotal
PS - Pump Stand
$204.00 USD
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$204.00 USD
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$216.00 USD
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$234.00 USD
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$234.00 USD
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$264.00 USD
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$288.00 USD
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DPS - Double Pump Stand
$408.00 USD
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$408.00 USD
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$432.00 USD
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$468.00 USD
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$468.00 USD
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$528.00 USD
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$576.00 USD
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DPS-101080  - - Inquire
DPS-121288  - - Inquire
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a) Advertised price is per piece. Two (2) Pump Stands (PS) per vertical in-line pump are recommended.

b) Pumps Stands for flanges sizes over 8" are available upon request. 

c) Please see the submittal drawings and Installation Instructions for more information.

d) Pump Stand must be installed in pairs (see installation instructions).

Support and Stability: The primary purpose of a pump stand (PS) is to provide a stable and secure platform for the inline pump. This ensures that the pump remains steady during operations, preventing vibrations and misalignment that could lead to performance issues or damage.

Customization: Pump stands can be customized to accommodate different sizes and types of inline pumps. This might include adjustable brackets or mounts to secure the pump properly.

Material and Design: Pump stands can be made from various materials depending on the application and this will be a custom order. Common materials include stainless steel, carbon steel, or other corrosion-resistant materials, especially if the pump is used in environments where chemicals or other corrosive substances are present.

Base and Foundation: The base of the pump stand should be designed to provide stability and prevent any movement during pump operation. Adequate foundations might be required based on the pump's size, weight, and the nature of the fluid being pumped.

Piping and Connection: A pump stand for inline pumps may also include integrated piping and connections to facilitate the inlet and outlet connections of the pump to the existing pipeline.

Safety: Safety features such as guardrails, access platforms, and protective covers might be integrated into the pump stand design to ensure the safety of operators during maintenance and operation.


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