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Elastomer and Spring Hangers

Spring and Rubber Vibration Isolation Ceiling Hangers/Mounts are Designed for Suspended Applications.



Our elastomer and spring ceiling hangers are capable to support heavy loads with a strong resistance against vibration and noise. These vibration isolator are manufactured with the best available vibration damping and isolating technologies, and can be used even in environments that might otherwise be difficult to work with. Our inventory is extensive, and among our elastomer and spring hangers are economical, light duty hangers, and powerful, heavy duty hangers with maximum load ratings that reach as high as 1,900lbs.

The standard design of our elastomer and spring hangers allows for an angular misalignment of up to 30 degrees -- this grants flexibility in difficult physical environments, and does not incur any serious reductions in the effectiveness of these products. 

Elastomer and spring hangers can be used for pipes, ducts, fans, air control, and other suspended structures and similar building services. Individual product pages highlight specific uses and specifications for each unique hanger. 

These vibration dampers are commonly used in HVAC industries, Building and Constructions to isolate suspended structures from vibration going from rotating equipment and water pipes to the buildings.

Vibrasystems Spring Hangers inventory consists of a large range of different types of hangers.

Commonly used hanger mount vibration isolators are the ones that has a spring in the housing to address low frequency vibrations going through water pipes to the building structures. They also incorporate top resilient rubber cup with built in metal washer for even load distribution and botom rubber cup that allows for 30 degree threaded rod misallignment. Spring hangers housing is made of the heavy duty metal with high end quality plating for rust control and durability.

Vibrasystems Inc Rubber Neoprene Hangers are other type of hangers that are more economical and being used in less critical application where standard frequencies are present .These isolators have molded oil resistant neoprene element acting as a vibration isolator in the stable metal housing very similar to our spring hangers.

WH rubber hangers belongs to another line of isolators designed for the application where there is no threaded rods available and installer can use just a wire to incoporate these hangers to the structure. These dampers are used for suspended drywall and other type of ceiling in the office buildings or sound studios where vibration isolation is very critical for well being of people and sound attenuation in the building environment.

More sophisticated vibration hangers are the ones that contain both - elastomeric element with built in metal washer on the top and steel coil spring positioned at the bottom in the same housing. They function as a double protection for both low and higher frequency forces. Many building engineers requirements are calling for these types of hangers to be installed in large mechanical rooms where diferent level of the vibrations can be present. A good example of such installation is a base mounted pumps where vibration from the mechanical devices is amplified with the vibration produced by the water traveling through the pipes.

What is the difference between the spring mount and spring hanger?

Both types of products have the same technology - they incorporate the spring as a main vibration isolator. Main difference is that spring mount is designed for a floor mounted equipment and spring hanger being used in the applications where suspended devices need to be isolated.

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