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1.1VSCM/CMSS Engine/ Motor/ Marine Vibration Dampers

VSCM compression-shear cup/engine mounts provide excellent protection against vibration and shock.


Due to each mount's ability to isolate vertical and horizontal forces, they are used in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Recommended for:                                                                
Vibration isolation of industrial machinery, centrifuges, blowers, transformers, combustion engines, motors, marine and industrial diesel generator sets, pumps, HVAC, factory production equipment, and where anchoring is required.

Excellent vibration damping characteristics under vertical compression and shear loads.
Cup-shaped top plate protects elastomer from oils, industrial solvents, and chemicals.
Allows mild vertical tensile forces.
Available in mild steel and stainless steel.

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Maximum Load (lbs)Mount Dimension (in)
ModelMetal FinishNon-ImpactImpactABCDHdTShipping Weight (lbs)PriceQuantityTotal
VSCM-40Plated Steel150903-11/161-7/832-7/161-3/83/83/8-160.5
$28.00 USD
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CMSS-40Stainless Steel150903-11/161-7/832-7/161-3/83/83/8-160.5
$46.00 USD
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VSCM-60Plated Steel3001803-11/161-7/832-7/161-3/83/83/8-160.5
$30.00 USD
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CMSS-60Stainless Steel3001803-11/161-7/832-7/161-3/83/83/8-160.5
$50.00 USD
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VSCM-1Plated Steel40025062-3/453-5/81-3/83/81/2-131.2
$64.00 USD
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CMSS-1Stainless Steel40025062-3/453-5/81-3/83/81/2-131.2
$90.00 USD
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VSCM-2Plated Steel70045062-3/453-5/81-3/83/81/2-131.2
$68.00 USD
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CMSS-2Stainless Steel70045062-3/453-5/81-3/83/81/2-131.2
$99.00 USD
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VSCM-3Plated Steel1,2008007-5/846-3/85-3/161-11/169/165/8-113.1
$85.00 USD
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CMSS-3Stainless Steel1,2008007-5/846-3/85-3/161-11/169/165/8-113.1
$120.00 USD
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VSCM-4Plated Steel2,1001,5007-5/846-3/85-3/161-11/169/165/8-113.1
$90.00 USD
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CMSS-4Stainless Steel2,1001,5007-5/846-3/85-3/161-11/169/165/8-113.1
$130.00 USD
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VSCM-5Plated Steel3,0002,0007-1/25-1/46-1/47-3/162-5/89/163/4-107.2
$155.00 USD
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VSCM-6Plated Steel6,0004,5007-1/2 5-1/46-1/47-3/162-5/89/163/4-107.2
$170.00 USD
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VSCM-7Plated Steel10,0007,0008-5/866-7/88-5/84-1/83/41-1214.5
$310.00 USD
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CMSS-7Stainless Steel10,0007,0008-5/866-7/88-5/84-1/83/41-1214.5  - - Inquire
VSCM-8Plated Steel15,00010,0008-5/866-7/88-5/84-1/83/41-1214.5  - - Inquire
CMSS-8Stainless Steel15,00010,0008-5/866-7/88-5/84-1/83/41-1214.5  - - Inquire
Note: When product price is not shown, please call our office for technical consultation prior to place an order

A vibration isolation mounts  that is also called vibration isolator or damper is designed to reduce or completely eliminate vibration from one component or structure to another. The primary use and purpose of these isolators is to extend logevity of the equipment without compromisimg safety and performance.

Key features of our VSCM/CMSS engine, marine mounts are:

Inside elastomer made of Neoprene or EPDM rubber to provide elasticity and deflection for vibration isolation.

Top Metal Cup and Bottom Metal Plate for durability and protection from environmental destructions and excessive shaking. Vibrasystems Inc can produce these antivibration mounts in different type of materials as per customers' requirements.

Top bushing with threaded hole for easy installation and fastening of the equipment.

Botom opening in the plate for securing the vibration isolator to the floor.

Unique shape of Vibrasystems Inc motor/engine/marine antivibration mounts is allowing to use them in the wide variety of mechanical equipment.

While choosing these isolator for installation under the motors following factors should be considered: motor's size, weight, operating speed, the criticality of vibration control, and the surrounding environment. In the complicated situation, it is essential to consult engineering of Vibrasystems team for free over the phone consultation before purchasing.

During the selection of our antivibration isolators for the engines it is important to conduct a dynamic analysis of the engine and its surroundings to identify vibration sources, resonant frequencies, and potential vulnerable spots. Ensure that the engine's rotating components are balanced correctly. Imbalancing can contribute to excessive vibrations. Regular inspection and calibration will help to detect issues with the vibration levels and prevent failures.

Vibrasystems Inc VSCM/CMSS antivibration mounts are often being installed in marine applications for maintaining the integrity, performance, and safety of vessels and offshore structures. Properly designed and installed vibration isolation dampers can significally enhance the overall experience and longevity of marine systems. Stainless steel finish and EPDM rubber insert are core features of our CMSS type mounts for maritime industry.




Note: Shear load should not exceed 30% of Compression load.

Optional Materials:
• For marine, offshore, and other corrosive environments, mounts are made of 316 L stainless steel and EPDM rubber compound.
• For food, pharmaceutical, and hygiene critical applications, mounts are made of 304 stainless steel and food grade rubber compounds.
• Contact VibraSystems Inc. technical department for optimal material selection.

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