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Cylindrical, Center Bolted and Plate Mounts

Cylindrical/Sandwich Vibration Isolators are very economical and efficient product to dampen the vibration in compression load application and available in metric and imperial size threads.

These antivibraiton mounts are commonly used to isolate vibration under simple industrial machinery, cabinets and control panels.

Plate Vibration Isolators perform well in applications where low frequencies are present. Used by different types of industries such as: aviation, military, agriculture, and others.

Center Bolted Mounts/Isolators are being widely used for the equipment that requires isolation in axial and radial directions. These rubber bushings are widely used in the varieties of mobile applications where lateral forces are present.

Cylindrical Rubber isolators come in 5 different styles:

Type T antivibration mounts - has male threads on both ends.

Type TH rubber isolator - has a male thread on one end and a female thread on another.

Type TS cylindrical mount - has a male thread on one end and a rubber bumper on another. Great rubber damper to install as an antivibration feet on the machines and other equipment.

Type H model - has female threads on both ends.

Type HS  comes with female thread on one end and a rubber bumper on another.

Standard materials that Vibrasystems have in stock are natural rubber body of the isolator with 55 Duro hardness and plated mild steel studs. Other type of materials can be produced subject to a minimum order quantity. 

Vibrasystems Inc CBM - center bolted vibration isolators are being installed in the application where multi directional load may exist. These antivibration mounts are capable to work in axial and radial direction making them an excellent choice for applications such as: electrical panels, axial fans, rotating machines and other similar equipment. Metal bushing incorporated in the rubber body of the mounts makes this isolator very stable and durable. Center Bolted Mounts can be produced in different types of elastomer to address the installation environment.

Plate mounts/isolators designed by Vibrasystems Inc are very versatile dampers used for applications with low frequency vibrations and are very common in aviation, defense and military industries to install board equimpent and other sensitive devices.

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