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Seismic Restrained Spring Mounts

Spring Vibration Isolators are very effective products that are used to isolate cooling towers, chillers, various HVAC equipment, and other machinery.

Steel Spring provides perfect vibration damping for the application where low frequencies are present.

Seismic Restraint Spring Vibration Isolators are becoming a new standard in Building and Construction Industries and must be used for the applications subject to higher winds and naturals disasters. All-directional restraint prevent the equipment to move upwards during the seismic events. Seismic Restrained Spring Mounts can be supplied with zinc plated spring with up to 3" deflection and ability to withstand up to 33,000 lbs load capacity per each mount.

ASHRAE 171-2017 Certified Seismic Restrained Spring Mounts

Vibra Systems Inc. offers seismic restrained spring mount isolators for the building and construction industry. Their main purpose is to isolate the building from the vibration coming from the machines and equipment.

 What Is Seismic Restraint?

A seismic restraint is a design of the spring mount which function is to prevent non-structural elements such as machines from moving or vibrating and withstand horizontal and uplift forces during seismic events and other natural disasters..

What Is A Spring Mount Isolator?

A spring isolator mount comprises laterally stable zinc-plated springs mounted in a sturdy steel housing. It prevents or minimizes the high-frequency vibration from a machine or HVAC system from being transferred to the building via spring deflection.

What is spring deflection?

Spring deflection is defined as the motion of the spring due to the application or release of a given load. It is an action of the spring when a force is applied or released. Also known as spring travel, and can be alternatively defined as the distance travelled by a spring when it is in the loaded position.

Components Of Designing A Seismic Restraint Isolator:

There are 2 fundamental parameters to effectively choose seismic/vibration-damping mounts for particular equipment:

1. Approximately calculate the horizontal and vertical forces acting upon the equipment during a seismic event or disaster. To determine the horizontal force, it's important to obtain:

The data about the seismic zone where the equipment is to be installed. 
The elevation and position of the non-structural component with respect to the structure.
The construction material of the non-structural component.
Flexibility and other attachments. 

2. Once the modelling and forces have been calculated, the isolator mount can be chosen.

Vibra Systems Inc. spring mounts  pass the ASHRAE 171-2017 standards. Our seismic restrained spring mount isolators are certified by TRU Compliance, a leading wind and seismic product certification agency in North America. 

To place an inquiry about our products or to know more about codes, compliances, pricing and more, contact us at 905-738-7810 today.

 Our Products:

SRMT 020/120/100 Spring Isolator/Restrainer- Features 50 percent extra load accommodation from the rated load. It is designed for equipment with minimal lateral loads such as fans, pumps, compressors and HVAC systems.

SRMT-1-350 Spring Isolator/Restrainer- Features unique sliding channels that can handle both lateral as well as vertical loads. Available in flat top and bolted top configurations.

SRMT-2-350 Spring Isolator/Restrainer Vibrasystems: Features heavy-duty seismic restrained damping mount in a rugged steel housing with colour-coded springs for easy replacement, if required. Passes the ASHRAE 171-2017 standards for wind and seismic load resistance.They are very similar to SRMT1 mounts but with 2 springs in the housing for greater load capacity.

SRMT-4-350 Spring Isolator/Restrainer: Features an elastomer spring base cap designed to optimize vibration isolation, noise cancellation and load distribution. Can take up to 50 percent of the rated load. It has the same functions as that of SRMT 1 and SRMT 2 mounts but with a bigger load capacity.

SRMT-9-350 Spring Isolator/Restrainer: These spring isolator mounts have a zinc-plated housing and springs for optimal corrosion resistance. Also features an anti-skid rubber acoustical pad to further limit unwanted lateral movement. It is available only for custom applications.

SRMT-15-350 Spring Isolator/Restrainer: Features heavy-duty restrainers with a rated load varying between 2100 to 19500 lbs for 1拻 deflection and 1200 to 28500 lbs for 2 inch deflection. Can be produced by special order only.

SMR-1-500 3" Deflection Spring Isolator/ Restrainer: These seismic restrained spring vibration isolators incorporate a 3-inch deflection- spring at rated load. The rated load varies for each model, starting from 200 lbs to 4000 lbs. 

SMR-4-500 3" Deflection Spring Isolator/ Restrainer: Features heavy-duty restrainers designed for cooling towers, air conditioner units, inertia bases and more. They are designed with a 3 inch deflection spring at maximum load, with the load varying for each model, between the range of 800 lbs to 16000 lbs.


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