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6.5GFRP Green Foam Rubber Pads

Green Foam - Rubber pads are made from closed micro-cellular rubber foam layers with different densities. The green middle layer is softer to provide optimal deflection, better vibration, and noise reduction. The top and bottom black cores are higher density foam with patterned top surface for better non-slip grip. All three layers are thermally fused for a permanent bond that does not separate under the load and is water and chemical resistant.

Recommended for outside use.


Eco-friendly, free from sulphur, halogens, formaldehydes, and other toxins.
Low density green center core for better deflection and isolation from noise and vibration.
Excellent resistance to oils, water, and ozone.
Top and bottom cores are higher density with external surfaces toughened for better abrasion resistance.
Please contact us for larger volume orders as further discounts may apply.
GFRP 181818" x 18" x 1"
$62.00 USD
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GFRP 06066" X 6" X 1"
$12.00 USD
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GFRP 04044" X 4" X 1"
$5.00 USD
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GFRP 02022" x 2" x 1"
$1.60 USD
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Note: When product price is not shown, please call our office for technical consultation prior to place an order

  • Material - closed cell chemically cross-linked high-densit rubber foam.
  • Maximum Load 70 lbs/sq.inch.
  • 25% deflection at the maximum load.
  • Recommended load 15-60 psi.
  • Fully recyclable.