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7.7BPXP Load Bearing Pads

Load Bearing Pads are made of fully cured masticated fiber reinforced rubber made from proprietary blend of virgin and recycled rubber. During the manufacturing process, synthetic fibers are added to the base rubber compounds to create an internal stiffening, much like reinforced concrete. This mesh structure delivers enhanced tensile, compressive strength, stiffness, tear resistance, durability, and superior ozone and weather resistance.

Recommended for: Standard construction applications such as precast and pre-stressed concrete bridges, structural steel-bearing applications, as well as for machinery foundations, railway tie pads, shock vibration isolation, and shock reduction.

Compressive design loads up to 2,000 psi.
Unique cross ply manufacturing process gives uniform physical properties.
Custom sizes for width and length are available upon request.
Thickness available: 1/2” & 1”
Please contact us for larger volume orders as further discounts may apply.
ModelLoad Range (psi)Dimension (inches)PriceQuantityTotal
BPXP-.50-6-6400-2,0001/2 x 6 x 6
$30.00 USD
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BPXP-.50-12-12400-2,0001/2 x 12 x 12
$60.00 USD
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BPXP-.50-24-24400-2,0001/2 x 24 x 24  - - Inquire
BPXP-.50-48-60400-2,0001/2 x 48 x 60      
BPXP-1-6-6400-2,0001 x 6 x 6
$50.00 USD
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BPXP-1-12-12400-2,0001 x 12 x 12
$120.00 USD
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BPXP-1-24-24400-2,0001 x 24 x 24       
BPXP-1-48-60400-2,0001 x 48 x 60       
Note: When product price is not shown, please call our office for technical consultation prior to place an order