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What are Vibration Isolation Pads Made of?

Different types of rubber are being used in the manufacturing of vibration isolation pads.

Vibration dampening pads are a crucial element of many industrial applications, as they provide inexpensive and effective areas for installing equipment with incredible stability.

Isolator pads can be used in the application where no bolting is required,  such as under equipment in various settings including casinos like 7Bit casino ( Woo casino ( and Casino Days (, where maintaining stability and reducing noise is crucial. Different types of rubber pads are available that suit all kinds of environments for indoor and outdoor use. These rubber pads can be installed under AC units, transformers, generators, chiller and other types of equipment. Antivibration pads can be used for temperatures ranging from -40 C (-40 F) to 70 C (158 F). Rubber pads can be of custom sizes and thicknesses (subject to minimum order quantity).

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Vibrasystems Inc is offering wide range of most used elastomeric pads in vibration isolation industry.

ECRMP ruber pads stand for Easy Cut Rubber Mat or Pad and can be cut to size on the field. It consists of 2" x 2" square pieces separated by the thin rubber grooves to easy cut through and create necessary size rubber pad needed for specific machine. It can be cut on the installation site by regular knife.They come in 3/4" thickness on the main surface for better deflection and vibration isolation.

 VP Waffle Design Pads: This vibration isolation pad has a unique, two-sided design that allows the material to expand without significant creep and compromising on stability. These pads are used typically for lathes, drills, milling machines and more.

CRMP Cork/Neoprene Pads: This antivibration pad features opposing ribs made of cork, which are designed for optimal isolation and grip. They are particularly useful in cases where bolting is not an option and the system produces non-critical vibration along with the major disturbing vibration.

SRMP Steel/Rubber Pads: This type of vibration isolation pad features a steel plate between rubber top and bottom to offer even load distribution, which becomes critical when the foot or base of the equipment is smaller than the vibration dampening pad. It finds common applications in chillers, pumps and boilers.
EVA foam pad designed for a very light applications where a lot of deflection is required such as: small AC units, household appliances, speakers, heat pumps and other similar equipment. Foam and combination of foam and rubber pad is eco friendly inexpensive option in simple installation. These vibration dampers are weather resistant and easy to maintain.
Load Bearing (AASHTO grade) pads main features are very higher load capacity and compression strength. They are designed for special applicaitions in civic construction, heavy machinery installations and similar industries. Engineer consultation may be required before purchasing.

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