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4.5BBN – Bridge Bearing Neoprene Washer Bushing

BBN - Bridge-Bearing Neoprene Washer Bushings are commonly used in the industry to isolate bolts, studs, anchor bolts, and threaded rods from structural frames.


Vibrasystem’s BBN washer bushings provide acoustical isolation, reduce transmission of minor vibrations, and prevent metal-to-metal contact between bolts and frames.  Vibrasystems’s BBN washer bushings are made of high-quality bridge-bearing neoprene which is excellent for shock, vibration, rotation, and shear isolation.


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Vibrasystem’s BBN  washer bushings are designed to isolate bolts, anchor bolts, studs, and threaded rods at mounting points, motors, pumps, pump stands, fans, mounting plates, outdoor units, circuit board, etc. In seismic applications, the Bridge Bearing Neoprene Washer Bushing reduces bolt shearing impact forces.

High-quality bridge-bearing neoprene for maximum performance and life span.
Provide acoustical isolation by preventing metal-to-metal contact.
Easy and fast to be installed in the field.
Bridge Bearing Neoprene Washer Bushing reduces transmission of minor vibrations.
Available from 1/4” up to 1” bolt diameter.

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Functions of Neoprene Bushings:

Load Distribution: Neoprene bushings help evenly distribute the loads and forces that the bridge experiences, reducing stress concentrations on individual components.

Vibration Isolation: Neoprene's elastomeric properties absorb and dampen vibrations caused by traffic or other external factors. This helps to protect the bridge's structural integrity and enhance passenger comfort.

Movement Accommodation: Bridges undergo thermal expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. Neoprene bushings accommodate these movements by allowing parts of the bridge to move relative to each other.

Rotation and Shear: Neoprene bushings allow rotation and shear movements between bridge components, ensuring that forces are properly absorbed and not transferred abruptly.

Corrosion Resistance: Neoprene is resistant to environmental factors such as water, moisture, and chemicals, which is crucial for the long-term performance of bridge bearings.

Bridge Bearing Rubber Bushing play a vital role in vibration isolation by absorbing and damping mechanical vibrations. They are used on the wide range of industries to minimize the effect of vibrations on equipment structures and people. Proper engineering analysis is important while selecting the proper size and material for rubber bushings to achieve the results.


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