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Antivibration Machinery Mounts / Vibration Dampers

How to stop the machine from vibrating?

Industrial Equipment Vibration Isolators/Mounts are designed specifically for this purpose.

Vibrasystems Inc Industrial Machinery Mounts serve a wide variety of industries to help with vibration isolation of sensitive equipment as well as extend its life and efficiency. They are available in different sizes, load capacities, and rubber and metal rubber combination vibration dampers. Custom sizes and alternative rubber and metal-type materials are available upon request subject to minimum order requirements. Rubber is one of the best materials that helps in reducing vibration.


What is the difference between vibration isolation pad and isolation mount?

Isolation pad is a simple damper designed from the veriety of the material. One of the best vibration isolation material is elastomeric rubber. Isolation pad is very efficient in simple free standing application. Equipment installer just have to put rubber isolator between the machinery legs or bottom and the surface this machine is positioned on. This antivibraiton pad will work well if the equipment runs on the standard frequency range such as 60 Hz and higher (or 3,600 RPM). Majority of the machinery has to be anchored to the floor to maintain stability and prevent creeping during the operation. For this specific situation antivibration machinery mounts were introduced across the vibration dampers industry. Many types of vibration isolation mounts are available depending on the specifics of the equipment, its location, number of rotating parts and many other variables. Vibrasystems Inc spent lots of years engineering and designing various anti vibration mounts addressing the needs of different industries and continues to do so as market evolves in higher technological place utilizing more and more artificial intelligence in all workplaces. 

Vibrasystems Inc is offering to our customers few different lines of anti vibration machinery mounts:

1. Our VSCM/CMSS mounts/isolators with load capacity ranging from 50 lbs to 15,000 lbs per mount. Their oval shape design allows these isolators to be installed in large variety of application. Marine industries are often using these isolators installing them under boat motors, ship generators and chillers, pumps and other rotating equipment. These anti vibration mounts are capable to withstand comression and shear forces that are present due to higher waves and other natural events without compromising the life and stability of equipment and efficiently reducing the transfer of the vibration. All models come in mild steel and stainless steel option for corrosion resistance. EPDM rubber elastomer is used for the application where sea salt can jeopardize vibration isolator useful life.

These isolators are not only being used in marine industry but in many others with similar equipment installation. Top metal cup is protecting the rubber inserts from harmful UV lights and possible exposure to chemicals. Small load capacity vibration isolators designed with oval base at the bottom and two fastening points while larger ones have four anchor holes for enhanced security.

2. Our FMD/LF Rubber vibration mounts are simplified version of VSCM/CMSS dampers without metal cup on top. They are designed for very simple application with no shear movement and not much exposure to UV lights and chemicals. They can be successfully used under small air conditioning units, above ground pumps, heat pumps, comprressors and similar HVAC equipment. FMD/LF rubber mounts are very inexpensive and efficient option for the load ranging from 50 lbs to 1,200 lbs. 

3. Vibrasystems SML/SMLS heavy duty machinery mounts are more complex design isolators engineered for large crushers, shakers, mining equipment and offshore machines. Due to their rigid construction they can be used in the applications where lateral load presence could result in failure of other anti vibration products. SML/SMLS series mounts will allow shear load of 40% of the allowable compression weight of the equipment ranging from 5,000 lbs to 45,000 lbs capacity with stainless steel variation option on the finish.

4. VTM/VTMS anti vibration mounts also allow heavy load machinery operation up to 15,000 lbs capacity in compression but provide less flexibility for the shear movement. Their great strength is installation under heavy pumps,chillers, engines, grinder where height restrictions allow only low profile isolator with large load capacity. VTMS mounts are manufactured in stainless steel option as required by our customers.

5. NVS vibration dampers have a combination of higher load capacity and precise leveling option. This feature is a must for installation under the CNC machines, injection molding lines, some presses and other sensitive equipment where misalighment can create a distortion and failure. 

6. Our VWH mounts are wedge vibration isolators that is a type of mechanical component used to isolate equipment and structures from vibrations, shocks, and noise. Wedge isolators are designed to provide effecive vibratin isolation in various industrial and engineering applications. Wedge isolators are adjustible, allowing the angle between the wadges to be changed. This adjustability helps optimized the isolator's performance for different load capacities and vibration frequencies.



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