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6.6RMP Ribbed Rubber Pads

Vibrasystems Inc. RMP Ribbed Rubber Pad is a general-purpose rubber pad with a fine ribbed pattern design.


Ribs on one side are 90˚ to the direction of ribs on another side which increases the stiffness of the pad.  RMP is lightweight but provides a positive grip with the floor.

Recommended for vibration isolation for:

The RMP is suitable for applications where bolting is to be avoided and minor non-critical vibration conditions exist. It is also recommended to attenuate vibration in HVAC, motors, generators, air conditioning units, chillers, machine shop machines, etc.

Reduce noise and minor vibrations.
Prevent equipment from creeping and walking.
Criss cross ribs construction on two sides.
No bolting required
Simple Field Installation. No bolting required.
Please contact us for larger volume orders as further discounts may apply.
ModelSizeShipping Weight (lbs)PriceQuantityTotal
RMP 0202382" X 2" X 3/8"0.1
$2.00 USD
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RMP 0303383" X 3" X 3/8"0.15
$3.00 USD
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RMP 0404384" X 4" X 3/8"0.2
$4.00 USD
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RMP 0606386" X 6" X 3/8"0.4
$7.00 USD
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RMP 0808388" X 8" X 3/8"0.8
$18.00 USD
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RMP 12123812" X 12" X 3/8"1.7
$30.00 USD
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RMP 18183818" X 18" X 3/8"3.5
$36.00 USD
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RMP 24243824" X 24" X 3/8"6.5
$60.00 USD
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  • Material: Special Rubber
  • Working range: 50 to 150 psi.
  • Can be molded in custom size and material subject to minimum quantity requirements.
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