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1.12VHD High Load Vibration Isolator

VHD isolators are designed for heavy-duty applications where leveling is not required and lateral forces are limited.

It could be manufactured with a single-layer elastomer or multi-layer elastomer system with steel plate molded which reduces mounts’ deflection under heavy loads. 

Recommended for:

Dampening vibration in presses, hammers, crushers, rolling mill, forges, concrete structural frames, and other heavy load applications. 


Click Here For Excessive Load Vibration Isolators leveling:

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Maximum Load (lbs)Mount Dimensions (in)
ModelNon-impactImpactBolt SizeBaseHhH2h2PriceQuantityTotal
VHD-121225,00017,5001.5-12x1812x123.5253.5      Inquire
VHD-121638,00023,5001.5-12x1812x164.52.55.54      Inquire
VHD-162064,00044,5002.0-12x1816x20536.54.5      Inquire
VHD-202080,00056,0002.0-12x1820x20536.54.5      Inquire
VHD-202491,50064,0001.5-12 x 1020 x 244253.5      Inquire
VHD-2424115,50080,5001.5-12 x 1024 x 24536.54.5      Inquire
VHD-2828151,000105,5001.5-12 x 1028 X 28536.54.5      Inquire
VHD-3232190,000133,0002.0-12 x 1032 x 324264      Inquire
VHD-3636245,000172,5002.0-12 x 1036 x 365386      Inquire
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