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1.8NVS - Universal Antivibration Levelers

NVS antivibration mounts are specifically designed for compression loads applications where leveling is required.


Precision-fitted neoprene inserts provide maximum dampening of shock and efficiently attenuate vibration from equipment to support structures. The shear load should not exceed 10% of the maximum vertical load.


Recommended for:

NVS mounts are used for lathe and milling machines, punch presses, heavy-duty printing machinery, shears, brakes, injection molding machines, and grinders.

Built-in leveling device enables quick, easy and precise leveling of machinery.
Effectively dampens vertical and horizontal forces
Controls vibration and noise.
Circular groves on elastomer insert's base firmly anchor machine to the floor, preventing creeping or walking.
Resistant to most oils and cleaning compounds.
Economical, durable and saves on installation cost.

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ModelNon-Impact Machinery Impact Machinery Bolt Size: Thread x LengthDHLevel Adj. (L)Shipping Weight (lbs)PriceQuantityTotal
NVS-1-507505001/2-13 UNC x 63-5/161-1/23/82
$50.00 USD
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NVS-1-701,5001,0001/2-13 UNC x 63-5/161-1/23/82
$60.00 USD
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NVS-2-503,0002,0005/8-11 UNC x 85-5/81-7/81/25.5
$90.00 USD
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NVS-2-704,5003,0005/8-11 UNC x 85-5/81-7/81/25.5
$100.00 USD
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NVS-3-5010,0006,7001-14 UNF x 892-1/25/818
$200.00 USD
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NVS-4-7015,00010,0001-14 UNF x 892-1/25/818
$220.00 USD
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