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9.5Red Sheet / Silicone / Urethane Rubber


 An economical red sheet with a smooth finish used in low-pressure applications with no oil resistant requirements. This is also ideal for gaskets and other sheet applications where a recognizable red colour is required.


Colour: Red
Finish: Smooth
Tensile: 500 psi 
Elongation: 250% 
Hardness: 80 SHORE "A" +/- 5 
Temperature Range: -20°C to 80°C          -4°F to 176°F

Excellent properties for both extreme heat and extreme cold. It also has good weather and ozone resistance. Made from FDA-approved material. Also available in 48" width special order.


Colour: Red
Finish: Smooth
Tensile: 1,000 psi 
Elongation: 400% 
Hardness: 60 SHORE "A" +/- 5 
Temperature Range: -50°C to 200°C      -58°F to 392°F

Urethane has very high abrasion qualities. It can handle high impact applications where other rubbers would fail. Urethane has an extremely high tensile strength, which makes it very durable and tough rubber.


Colour: Red
Finish: Smooth
Tensile: 5,692 psi 
Elongation: 603% 
Hardness: 80 SHORE "A" +/- 5 
Temperature Range: -29°C to 71°C        -20°F to 160°F

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Please contact us for larger volume orders as further discounts may apply.
Part No.ThicknessWidthLengthWt. / Sq.ft. (lbs)
RSPF-.063-481/16"48"50 ft0.56 
RSPF-.125-481/8"48"50 ft1.11 
RSPF-.188-483/16"48"50 ft1.67 
RSPF-.25-481/4"48"50 ft2.23 
SIL60-.063361/16"36"50 ft0.51 Inquire
SIL60-.125361/8"36"50 ft1.02 Inquire
SIL60-.25361/4"36"50 ft2.04 Inquire
URR-.125-481/8"48"15 ft0.80 
URR-.188-483/16"48"15 ft1.20 
URR-.25-481/4"48"15 ft1.60 
Note: When product price is not shown, please call our office for technical consultation prior to place an order