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4.2TP - Templates

Templates are used to provide anchoring mounting points for equipment installed on Antivibration Inertia Bases.

Templates can be easily positioned and adjusted to any equipment‘s bolting specifications. They are designed to slide along Inertia Base’s length while its anchor bolts can be adjusted along Inertia Base’s width. Templates have a rigid structure made from structural steel flat bars that are bolted to steel support brackets.

Supplied with: Vibrasystem’s Welded Inertia Base - WIB6.

Flexible to any equipment’s bolting specifications.
Easy and Fast to be installed in the field.
Rigid design made of structural steel.

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Dimensions in inches
ModelInertia Base's Width (in)A (in)B (in)PriceQuantityTotal
TP 242419-3/423-1/4      
TP 303025-3/429-1/4      
TP 363631-3/425-1/4      
TP 484843-3/447-1/4      
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a) Please specify the required anchor bolt thread and protrusion length (”P”) prior to placing an order.
b) Each Template is supplied with 2 Anchor Bolts, 4 nuts, 4 washers, 2 Support Brackets, and 2 Flat Bars.
c) Threaded Rods are available in 1/2”-13 UNC, 5/8”-11 UNC, 3/4”-16 UNF, and 1”-14 UNF.

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