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4.1WIB6 – Welded Inertia Base

WIB6 - Heavy-duty Welded Inertia Bases are commonly used in the industry:

  • to reduce the amplitude of mechanical vibrations.
  • lower the center of gravity.
  • lessen the equipment’s movement during operations.


Metal Welded Inertia Bases, when filled with concrete and supported by Vibrasystems’ spring mounts, provides excellent vibration isolation.


WIB6 - Welded Inertia Bases are designed according to ASHRAE guidelines. Made from structural steel C Channels and reinforced with welded steel square bars each WIB6 has welded brackets to install spring mounts under them. Welded Inertia Bases are finished with a rustproof primer and a topcoat paint. 

Recommended for:

Provide vibration isolation and stabilize HVAC equipment such as air compressors, vacuum pumps, close-coupled pumps, inline pumps, end suction pumps, double suction pumps, package pump systems, axial fans, plenum fans, centrifugal fans, engine-driven generators, packaged Air Handler Unit, packaged Air Conditioner Unit, industrial centrifuges, etc.

Welded-in reinforcing bars provide rigidity to the welded structural steel perimeter frame.
Rustproof Primer + topcoat paint provide good corrosion resistance.
Templates with anchor bolts are optional.
Seismic Restrained Spring Mounts are supplied with the WIB6 - Inertia Base and available in 1” & 2” deflection springs.
Inertia Base’s height must be a minimum of 1/10 of the longest span between spring isolators, but not less than 6”.
Inertia Base’s weight (frame + concrete) should be 2 times the total installed equipment’s weight.
Concrete minimum 3,000 psi strength and density of 150 lb/cub. ft (concrete by others).
After WIB6’s installation is complete, the frame should have a minimum operating clearance of 1” to the floor.

Click Here for Seismic Restrained Spring Mounts:

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ModelDimensions in inches (in)Approximate Weight in Pounds (lbs)Price
ModelWidth (in)Length (in)Height (in)Frame (lbs)Concrete (lbs)Frame + Concrete (lbs)PriceQuantityTotal
WIB6 - Welded Inertia Base
WIB6 24X4824486135550685      
WIB6 24X6024606155700855      
WIB6 30X60306061708801,050      
WIB6 36X60366061901,0501,240      
WIB6 36X72367262151,2801,495      
WIB6 48X60486062201,4001,620      
WIB6 48X72487262501,7001,950      
Note: When product price is not shown, please call our office for technical consultation prior to place an order


a) Custom sizes can be supplied upon request. 
b) Concrete’s weight - assuming minimum 3,000 psi strength and density of 150 lb/cub.ft (concrete by others).
c) Please see submittal drawing and Installation Instructions for more information.


Reduced Noise: Combining an inertia base with vibration isolation can significantly reduce noise generated by vibrations, improving the working environment.

Equipment Longevity: The reduction in transmitted vibrations can extend the lifespan of machinery and equipment by minimizing wear and tear.

Structural Protection: It protects the integrity of the surrounding structures by preventing vibrations from causing damage.

Comfort: Inertia bases and vibration isolation techniques can enhance comfort for building occupants by minimizing perceptible vibrations.


Design and Engineering: Proper design, including mass calculation, vibration analysis, and selection of appropriate vibration isolation components, are essential for an effective solution.

Installation: Correct installation of the inertia base and vibration isolation components is crucial for achieving the desired results.

Inertia base with the combination of vibration isolators offers a comprehensive approach to controlling vibrations generated by machinery and equipment. Installing inertia base helps to minimize the transmission of vibration, reduce the risk of equipment failure, structural damages.


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