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Industrial/OEM Applications

Industrial/OEM Applications

Unwanted vibrations and noises are major contributors to the loss of accuracy and efficiency in industrial machinery.


The amount of energy lost due to vibrations increases in equipment with many moving parts. Since industrial companies and original equipment manufacturers rely heavily on the performance of the equipment, uncontrolled vibrations are a major threat to their cost-effective operations.


Vibration transfer must be prevented so as to avoid the structural vibration of the whole system. The goal of Vibrasystems Inc. is to provide solutions that increase the efficiency of isolation and dampen vibration. The range of vibration isolators that we offer is well-equipped to arrest vibration frequencies generated by the machines and prevent them from being transmitted to other machines and supporting structures. 

Large industrial machine with Vibrasystems' anti-vibration technology

Recommended Vibration Isolators for Industrial/OEM applications


  • Industrial machinery vibration dampers

Vibration dampers protect sensitive equipment from uncontrolled vibrations generated in industrial operations. They are made of rubber and metal and are available in varying sizes and load capacities. They are recommended for laser machines, punching presses, CNC machinery, hydraulic presses, and milling machines, to name a few. 


  • Levelling machinery mounts

Vibrasystems levelling mounts ensure that industrial machines are levelled perfectly at the base to prevent vibrations from inaccurate structural alignment. CNC machining centers, machines with a long bed, and conveyors especially need levelling. 


  • Anti Vibration Pads and Sheets

Vibration isolation pads and sheets are perfect to arrest vibration in machine units like air conditioners, transformers, generators, etc. They are convenient to install since they do not require bolting with the machinery. 


Check out our wide selection of anti-vibration products to find the perfect fit for your industrial/OEM requirements. Vibrasystems also offers custom solutions to tackle unique vibration-related problems faced by OEMs. 

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