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Oil tankers, cruise ships, commercial ships, and other marine equipment are prone to damage due to unwanted transfer of the vibration. When a ship is subjected to excessive vibrations, it can affect structural integrity of the vessel and in-house machinery installations. It could result in increased maintenance costs and reduced optimal performance. Vibrasystems Inc. developed a few lines of stainless steel vibration isolation products for corrosive off-shore environments.


Vibrasystems Inc. is the only manufacturer of anti-vibration products for the marine industry. Our marine products are made in 316L stainless steel with EPDM rubber compounds, which protect from water and salt-induced corrosion. 


Vibra Systems' Vibration Isolators for Marine Operations

Sources of Vibrations in Marine Operations

Engines, pumps, compressors, and pipes are all sources of excessive vibration and can affect the hull of the ship, its deck, and other equipment. Anti-vibration solutions are therefore necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the entire ship. Swimming pools inside cruise ships similarly need anti-vibration mounts to protect surrounding structures.


Recommended Vibration Isolators for Marine Operations:



In marine applications, we have to account not only for machinery-produced vibrations; we also want to protect the machinery from the movement of the ship. Double isolation against load and reactionary forces is thus necessary and our marine engine vibration mounts are perfect for protection from both vertical and horizontal forces. 


  • Center Bolted Mounts

These mounts offer an anti-vibration multi-directional restriction of the equipment’s movement. They have a layer of rubber to protect from vibration transfer and are effective for all mobile applications.


  • Anti Vibration Pads and Sheets

Vibrasystems anti-vibration pads and sheets that are made specifically for marine applications are made from materials that withstand corrosion and hold out against the pressures of the moving ship. 


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