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8.7Duraflex Rubber

Duraflex Rubber is a highly durable, flexible, and resilient fiber-reinforced masticated thermo-set rubber available in sheet or rolled form.


Commonly used in the manufacturing of die-cut components, cargo restrained mats, industrial and agricultural floor matting, as well as athletic flooring. Special applications include load-bearing pads and acoustic control underlay. Duraflex Rubber is made of thermo-set fiber-reinforced masticated rubber.

Recommended for:

condos, kitchens, playrooms, institutional settings, and anywhere else where noise transmission is a concern.

High performance mid-to high frequency impact sound reduction.
Made from recycled materials.
Low surface deflection.
Can contribute to LEED credits.

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Part No.ThicknessWidthLengthWt. / Sq.ft. (lbs)PriceQuantityTotal
ACU Premium2 mm (1/12")42"48"0.70      
DF-0802 mm (1/12")43"800 ft0.70      
DF-1251/8"49"600 ft1.00      
DF-2591/4"49"300 ft1.50      
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