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1.4LF - Fan/Pump/ Compressor Vibration Dampers

LF-Series compression isolators have great vertical-direction flexibility, and significantly reduce the transfer of vibration to the supporting structure.


These mounts are designed for installation on applications with continuous and intermittent loads. Elastomeric bodies of the isolators effectively prevent metal-to-metal contact.

Recommended for dampening vibration in:

Motors, fans, pumps, compressors, transformers, electrical, lab-testing equipment, and cabinet enclosures, as well as HVAC and other industrial equipment.

Low profile double deflection mounts.
Durable and corrosion-resistant.

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Maximum LoadMount Dimensions (inches)
ModelMax Load (lbs)ABCDHTdhShipping Weight (lbs)PriceQuantityTotal
LF 4045161.8022.50.90.701/4-
$10.00 USD
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LF 4060361.8022.50.90.701/4-
$10.00 USD
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LF 6045602.3833.501.20.901/4-
$14.00 USD
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LF 60601252.3833.501.20.901/4-
$15.00 USD
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LF 80451503.383.954.751.80.905/16-
$18.00 USD
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LF 80603003.383.954.751.80.905/16-
$19.00 USD
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LF 1004515044.905.832.25.903/8-
$24.00 USD
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LF 150607005.907.168.4531.401/2-
$40.00 USD
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LF 200451,1007.909.45114.951.573/4-
$78.00 USD
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LF 200601,8007.909.45114.951.573/4-
$84.00 USD
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