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8.3Nitrile / Natural Rubber



Black Nitrile is the polymer of choice for applications which require superior resistance to oils, solvents, gasoline, and other hydrocarbon chemicals.

White Nitrile Rubber is specially formulated to be non-marking. White colour is commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. White Nitrile rubber resists oil and grease food products well. This product is produced from a FDA approved compound.

Colour:  Black or White
Finish:  Smooth
Tensile:  Black Nitrile 640 psi White Nitrile 725 psi
Elongation:   300%
Hardness:  60 SHORE "A" +/- 5
Temperature Range:  -30°C to 88°C            -22°F to 190°F



Natural Rubber (Pure Gum) is soft,  long wearing,  non-marking rubber which has excellent abrasion, and tear resistance. It also has superior resilience, tensile and elongation characteristics. Natural Rubber has excellent adhesion to fabric and metal. Not recommended for outdoor or oil resistant applications. It is widely used as a sleeve  for chutes as well as for gasket and sand/shot blast curtain manufacturing.

Colour:   Pure Gum - Tan
Finish:   Smooth
Tensile:  2,300 psi
Elongation:   600%
Hardness:  40 SHORE "A" +/- 5
Temperature Range:  -40°C to 70°C       -40°F to 158°F

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Part No.ThicknessWidthLengthWt. / Sq.ft. (lbs)PriceQuantityTotal
NIT60-.063-481/16"48"100 ft0.46      
NIT60-.125-481/8"48"66 ft0.92      
NIT60-.188-363/16"36"66 ft1.38      
NIT60-.188-483/16"48"66 ft1.38      
NIT60-.25-481/4"48"66 ft1.84      
NIT60-.375-483/8"48"66 ft2.72      
NIT60-.5-481/2"48"66 ft3.46      
WNIT-.063-361/16"36"100 ft0.51      
WNIT-.063-481/16"48"100 ft0.51      
WNIT-.125-361/8"36"66 ft1.02      
WNIT-.125-481/8"48"66 ft1.02      
WNIT-.188-363/16"36"66 ft1.52      
WNIT-.25-481/4"48"66 ft2.03      
WNIT-.375-483/8"48"66 ft3.02      
WNIT-.5-481/2"48"66 ft4.03      
PGR-.063-481/16"48"100 ft0.34      
PGR-.125-481/8"48"66 ft0.68      
PGR-.188-483/16"48"66 ft1.02      
PGR-.25-361/4"36"66 ft1.36      
PGR-.25-481/4"48"66 ft1.36      
PGR-.375-483/8"48"66 ft2.02      
PGR-.5-481/2"48"66 ft2.71      
PGR-.75-483/4"48"66 ft4.07      
PGR-1-481"48"66 ft5.31      
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