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1.13VHDL Excessive Load Vibration Dampers

VHDL  heavy-duty mounting isolators have the ability to withstand substaintial vertical & horizontal loads, of up to 300,000 lbs. 


Neoprene elastomer is bonded to the metal plate for durability and resistantancy to vibration shocks.

Four guide pin sliding system provides stability under lateral forces. Built-in precision leveling feature. 


Recommended for vibration isolation of:

Presses, hammers, crushers, rolling mill equipment, heavy vibrators, forges, structural isolators, and other heavy load applications.

Mount's 4 steel guide pins provide stability during operation and control lateral movement.
Built in leveling device enables quick, easy, and precise leveling of machinery.
Elastomer is bonded to bearing plate and could be made of any custom rubber compound and with thickness of up to 6"
Controls vibration, shock, and noise.

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VHDLNon-impactImpactLevel Adj.Bolt SizeBaseHShipping Weight (lbs)PriceQuantityTotal
VHDL-150,00030,0002-12 UN x 18"17" x 17"7-3/4      Inquire
VHDL-270,00045,0002-12 UN x 18"17" x 17"7-3/4      Inquire
VHDL-385,00055,0002-12 UN x 18"22" x 22"7-3/4      Inquire
VHDL-4125,00080,0002-12 UN x 18"22" x 22"7-3/4      Inquire
VHDL-5155,00095,0003-12 UN x 18"30" x 30"8-1/2      Inquire
VHDL-6215,000140,0003-12 UN x 18"30" x 30"8-1/2      Inquire
VHDL-7225,000145,0003-12 UN x 18"36" x 36"10      Inquire
VHDL-8300,000200,0003-12 UN x 18"36" x 36"10      Inquire
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