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4.4PRC – Pipe Riser Clamp

PRC – Pipe riser clamps are commonly used in the industry to give structural support to vertical pipes so the piping weight is distributed over several floors.


Pipe riser clamp when in conjunction with spring mounts can also accommodate the thermal expansion/contraction of the pipe length. The new line of Vibrasystems’s Pipe riser clamps is rigid clamps made from formed steel and electro-galvanized for great corrosion protection. PRC Pipe riser clamps are provided with two clamps, two bolts, and two nuts.


Recommended for:

Vertical pipes in multi-floor buildings for water, steam, or gas piping systems.  The riser clamps are in compliance with ANSI-MSS SP-69 & SP-58 (Type 8), VW-H-171E & A-A-1192A (Type 8).

Complies with ANSI-MSS SP-69 & SP-58 (Type 8), VW-H-171E & A-A-1192A (Type 8).
Electro-galvanized finishing provides great corrosion resistance.
Available from 2” up to 10” vertical pipes.
PRC is composed of two clamps made of rigid steel. Bolts and nuts included.

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1) The selection and location of the riser supports shall follow engineering specifications and drawings.

2)Pipe risers can be assembled in conjunction with SMSR-B models.

Key Features and Functions:

Support: Riser clamps are used to provide vertical support to pipes and prevent them from sagging due to their own weight or the weight of the fluids they're carrying.

Vibration Dampening: They help reduce vibrations in the piping system, which can arise from equipment operation or fluid flow. This prevents excess wear and tear on pipes and fittings.

Thermal Expansion: Riser clamps allow for controlled movement of the pipe due to thermal expansion and contraction, preventing damage caused by temperature changes.

Alignment: Riser clamps ensure that pipes are properly aligned, reducing stress at connections and fittings.

Installation Flexibility: They come in various designs, such as clevis hangers, band hangers, and offset clamps, to accommodate different pipe sizes and installation requirements.

Material: Riser clamps are made steel but stainless steel, or other corrosion-resistant materials are possible to produce, depending on the environment and the fluids being transported.

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