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Elastomer and Spring Hangers

Our elastomer and spring hangers are designed specifically to support heavy loads with a strong resistance against vibration, noise, and corrosion. These hangers are designed with the best available vibration damping and isolating technologies, and can be used even in environments that might otherwise be difficult to work with. For example, many of these products are housed with zinc or steel plating, which affords them increased corrosion resistance. Our inventory is extensive, and among our elastomer and spring hangers are economical, light duty hangers, and powerful, heavy duty hangers with maximum load ratings that reach as high as 1,800lbs.

The standard design of our elastomer and spring hangers allows for an angular misalignment of up to 15 degrees -- this grants flexibility in difficult physical environments, and does not incur any serious reductions in the effectiveness of these products. At VibraSystems, we make an effort to ensure that our vibration-resistant products are as effective as possible, even in tough or unusual environments, to accommodate even the most unique industrial needs.

Elastomer and spring hangers can be used for pipes, ducts, fans, air control, and other suspended structures and similar building services. Individual product pages highlight specific uses and specifications for each unique hanger. 

These products are commonly used in HVAC industries, Building and Constructions to isolate suspended structures from vibration going from rotating equipment to the buildings.

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