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What Are Vibration Isolation Mounts?

vibration isolation mounts

A certain level of vibration is normal to experience in any industrial sphere. Vibrations are present in cars, machines, most buildings, and in nearly any work environment. Of course, a bit of basic trembling here and there is not much of a problem, but powerful shocks and vibrations will cause damage over time that can eventually wreak havoc on any facility. For these issues, vibration isolation mounts are often the ideal solution, offering a uniquely helpful approach to isolating damaging shocks and tremors from important equipment and structures, and keeping them in good shape over the long term.



Our vibration isolation mounts are designed to keep high-impact forces away from your floors and support structures.



The basic function of any one of our vibration isolation mounts is the same: the mount acts as a highly stable buffer between the source of the vibration and the object or surface being isolated. When the surface on one side of the mount receives a sizable force or shock, the resulting tremors are unable to pass through to the other surface, as they would if the two surfaces connected by more conventional means.


Vibration isolation mounts are easy to use, and can be designed in a size or shape that supports a huge variety of applications. For example, our engine mounts are designed with a cup-shaped top that protects the elastomer within from chemical damage, which make these mounts ideal isolators for factory production equipment and diesel generator sets. Alternatively, our sandwich mounts are built in such a way as to allow drilling anywhere along the length of the plates, which can be extremely helpful for wall and ceiling installations.


If your machinery requires any kind of vibration isolation mounts, whether standard or unique, VibraSystems can customize them to perfectly fit your special requirements. Just let us know your specifications to get started! Feel free to browse through our current inventory, or ask about our custom products anytime to get an isolating mount ideally designed for your applications.

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