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How Pipe Riser Clamps provide support to vertical pipings

How Pipe Riser Clamps provide support to vertical pipings


Spring mounts and spring hangers are often the most preferred anti vibration products for piping across industries. When it comes to vertical piping, they might require additional support that can be offered by pipe riser clamps.


Pipe Riser Clamps provide structural support to vertical pipings, ensuring that the weight of the pipe and the load connected to it is distributed evenly across multiple floors. When used along with spring mounts, pipe riser clamps are equipped to handle thermal expansion/contraction of pipings.   


How do Pipe Riser Clamps work?


It consists of two clamps, two bolts, and two nuts. The clamps are strong and durable as they are made of electro-galvanized formed steel to offer resistance to corrosion. The clamps coupled together by bolts and nuts ensure that vertical piping is well-supported. Pipe Riser Clamps are easy to install and easy to adjust, making them a cost effective solution to load distribution in vertical piping systems. The clamps are placed right above the spring mounts to ensure that the weight of the load and piping gets distributed between spring mounts and eventually between several floors. 



Application of Pipe Riser Clamps


Pipe Riser Clamps are generally used in multi-level buildings where vertical pipings are installed for the flow of water, steam, or gas. To select the right size and placement of pipe clamps for your application, engineering specifications and design drawings should be considered. 


Vibrasystems offers sturdy pipe riser clamps that are compliant with ANSI-MSS SP-69 & SP-58 (Type 8), VW-H-171E & A-A-1192A (Type 8). Check out our website for a wide range of vibration isolation products. We also offer custom solutions to vibration and load distribution problems. 


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