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Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Vibrasystems is dedicated to providing the highest quality anti-vibration solutions to all industries. Our engineering team works continuously to innovate our lines of products and to broaden our presence on the market by offering custom-made solutions that respond to the unique needs of each industry, be it mining, OEM, construction, military, marine, or pharmaceutical, to name a few. 


All of our products undergo thorough testing in independent labs to ensure quality and high performance. Vibrasystems isolators are tested and certified to ASHRAE 171-2017 for wind and seismic load resistance using cyclic loading in multiple directions. This protocol is more suited for a variety of applications than the OSHPD OPM program, which is used only for seismic loads and is intended to provide attachment details for specific equipment, with limited application to other equipment. 


Our goal is to continue developing products that target multiple vibration issues within the industries. As construction, OEMs, automotive, aerospace, marine, and defense industries continue their expansion, new vibration issues are often encountered, issues that demand modified or unique solutions. Vibrasystems engineers work with the engineering teams within these and other industries to come up with innovative and high-performance solutions that will later become the standard of vibration isolation for those industries. 

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