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Established in 1979, Vibrasystems started out as a small-scale supplier of anti-vibration mounts for the food industry. Its founder, Phil Derff, was designing one of the machines for a food processing plant and noticed that he needed an antivibration mount that other companies fared short of. The first line of Vibrasystems mounts was born then, which later expanded into a variety of products for projects across multiple industries. 


Until the early 2000s Vibrasystems focused on engineering and supplying vibration isolation products to factories, processing plants, and fabricating shops. For the last 15 years, we have increasingly concentrated our efforts on developing and testing new products, which resulted in our current line of industrial mounts, antivibration pads, and a series of heavy load-bearing solutions for the construction industry. Our engineering team also began to work increasingly more with projects that require custom-made solutions. 


Vibrasystems’ focus on R&D allows us to offer innovative products that are easily incorporated into customer operations. As a result of our dedication to innovation, Vibrasystems role in construction has been recognized across North America. Over the past decade we have developed standardized and custom supports for cooling towers, spring mounts for AC systems, pump support systems, inertia bases, and elastomer bearing pads, to name a few. 


Venturing outside of the OEM, food, and construction industries, we’ve also worked with military/defense, automotive, pharmaceutical, mining, and marine industries, developing unique solutions for each. 

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