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Applications of Bridge-Bearing Neoprene Washer Bushing

Applications of Bridge-Bearing Neoprene Washer Bushing

Anchor bolts and threaded rods are often subjected to excessive shear stress due to the overloading of the equipment. To provide effective acoustical and vibration isolation in equipment and support structures that utilize bolts or threaded rods, manufacturers often choose bridge-bearing neoprene (BBN) washer bushing over rubber isolator mounts.  


History of BBN Washer Bushing


BBN washer bushing was invented largely due to the unreliability of rubber mountings installed to isolate bolts and studs from structural frames. A standard rubber isolator mount is designed to handle the shear load on anchor bolts and rods. However, when subjected to excessive shear loads, the rubber mountings would bottom out due to the bonding failure between the rubber and the metal. To tackle this, bridge-bearing neoprene washer bushing was designed.


How does BBN Washer Bushing work?


A BBN washer bushing ensures that there is no metal-to-metal contact between the anchor bolt/threaded rod and the structural steel frame. The BBN washer bushing acts as a cushion between the steel washer of the bolt and the steel frame. When the undesired vibrations and noises are generated during the operation of equipment, the BBN washer bushing protects the supporting steel structure by isolating the anchor bolts and threaded rods from the steel frame. Even in instances of seismic disturbances, the BBN washer bushing works towards reducing the impact of shearing forces. 


Applications of BBN Washer Bushing


More often than not, BBN washer bushings are used to minimize metallic contact between steel structure and bolts/threaded rods in motors, pumps, pump stands, fans, mounting plates, outdoor units, circuit boards, and more.


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