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Rubber an Ideal Material for Vibration Isolation?

Rubber an Ideal Material for Vibration Isolation?

The spring-like properties of rubber help in limiting the damage caused by vibrations and shocks to various machine parts and their supporting structures. While it is clear that rubber sheets are perfect to dampen unwanted vibrations and noise, not many understand why the rubber is ideal for vibration isolation. 


Characteristics of Rubber


A rubber, natural or synthetic, consists of a cross-bridged network of long molecular chains. Rubbers have an elastic property and an ability to withstand and recover from an extreme deformative force. When a natural rubber, also known as polyisoprene, is subjected to vulcanization with sulphur, it forms a crosslink bond with sulphur molecules. Thus, a vulcanized rubber has greater strength, elasticity, and ability to withstand heat compared to natural rubber. When a carbon-carbon chemical bonding occurs during vulcanization, it forms a vulcanized rubber with the ability to handle high temperatures, whereas a sulphur-sulphur bonding during vulcanization causes the rubber to obtain greater strength.  


Comparing Rubber with Steel


Compared to springs made of steel, rubber offers more versatile solutions to vibration problems. Unlike steel, rubber can operate for a long period underwater or chemicals without the risk of corrosion. While steel tends to get heated up, rubber isolator mounts convert vibration energy into heat and deflect it. Thus, rubber is highly temperature resistant. These desirable characteristics of polyisoprene make it one of the best options to arrest vibrations and noise. 


During the manufacturing of rubber isolator mounts, the rubber can react with filler materials to alter its elasticity, hysteresis, abrasion resistance, and other properties. Thus, it is not advisable to use a standard rubber mount or sheet for your unique vibration problems. A custom-made rubber mount from a reputed manufacturer can provide the best vibration solution with all the desirable characteristics required in your application. 


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