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How Rubber Isolators Eliminate Air Compressors Vibrations?

How Rubber Isolators Eliminate Air Compressors Vibrations?

How to isolate Vibrations in Air Compressors.

An air compressor provides compressed air to power a variety of machines in an industrial setup. During the operation of air compressors, vibrations of different frequencies are generated, which can damage the piping and other connected structures.   

A compressed air setup consists of motors, air compressors, machines running on compressed air, and metal piping that connects these different components. When the air compressor operates, all these components begin to vibrate on varying frequencies. The harmonics of vibrations produced in the air compressor chamber are different than the harmonics of vibrations produced in the piping carrying the compressed air or the machines utilizing the compressed air. When vibrations from one source are transmitted to the connected structures, the overlap of vibrations of varied frequencies can lead to major damage to piping over a period of continuous use. This could cause leakage from the pipes resulting in a dip in the performance of air compressors and connected equipment.


The base of the compressor container, supported by metallic legs, is also highly susceptible to vibrations. After long periods of constant usage, the vibrations can damage the weld that connects the base of the compressor with the legs.           


Benefits of Rubber Isolator Mounts/Pads  


Installing rubber isolator mounts is one of the most economical ways to curb vibrations from damaging the piping connecting the air compressor to the machine. Rubber mounts minimize contact between the metallic parts and absorb vibrations from being transmitted to supporting structures. Thus, the vibrations produced in the air compressor don’t affect the piping’s structural stability.


To safeguard the base of the compressor container from damages due to vibrations, one can use industrial rubber pads if compressor does not have to be bolted to the floor. Equipped to dampen the vibrations effectively, these rubber pads can be installed underneath the legs of the container. The easy-to-instal rubber pads minimize the impact of vibration frequencies, produced in the base of the container, on the leg of the container.


Protecting your air compressor setup with rubber vibration isolators is recommended by manufacturers and industry experts. Vibrasystems offers a whole range of vibration solutions to safeguard your critical equipment. Contact us today to know how we can help your business.       


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