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5.1Z - Spring Mounts: 1" Deflection

Z series mounts provide an excellent isolation from critical vibrations and efficiently protect structures from structure born vibrations.

Recommended for:

Air conditioning equipments, compressors, air handling units, centrifugal fans, pumps, chillers, and applications where low-frequency isolation is required.

Side rubber pads to prevent metal to metal contact.
Leveling plate fits inside cast iron housing to provide extra stability in all directions.
Spring elements are color coded and easily replaceable.
These mounts are available in two assemblies - hexagon head screw top or flat surface top with non-skid rubber.
Safety factor will accomodate 50% extra load from maximum load.

Click Here for Seismic Restrained Isolators:

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Z - Spring Mount
ModelRated Load (lbs)Deflection at Rated Load (in)Spring Rate (lbs/in)Deflection at Solid Load (in)Spring ColourPriceQuantityTotal
Z - 1" Deflection - Spring 2" OD x 2.75" LGTH
Z-121501.20751.81Grey  - - Inquire
Z-1221001.001501.50Black  - - Inquire
Z-1231501.122251.69Pink  - - Inquire
Z-1242501.003751.50Blue  - - Inquire
Z-125290.654401.10Red  - - Inquire
Z-126445.876751.32Brown  - - Inquire
Z-127660.821,0001.25Yellow  - - Inquire
Z-128890.741,3501.13Green  - - Inquire
Note: When product price is not shown, please call our office for technical consultation prior to place an order


•  Springs have additional travel to solid beyond rated load.