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Inertia Bases & Pump Supports

What are inertia bases used for?

Inertia base is used for vibration isolation of: Based Mounted Pumps, Centrifugal Plug Rotary Fans, Other Types of Heavy Duty Rotating Equipment.


Seismic inline Pump Stand.

Pump Stand installation insure structural stability of the pumps. 


Inertia Base helps to lower the center of gravity of the supported equipment, evenly distribute the load and make it balanced. Vibration Spring mounts are installed at the bottom of the base to attenuate vibration. Threaded rods are welded in between the heavy duty frames of inertia bases to prevent poured concrete from cracking after the installation. Optional accessories of the base are the templates that can be preinstalled as needed to serve as an anchoring points for the equipment frame. They must be purchased separately. 

Standard size intertia base comes with 6 inch height angles that can handle various types and sizes of the equipment. Custom made sizes can be manufactured if needed. Vibrasystems Inc engineering team can help their customers with sizing and designing Inertia Bases based on equipment weight and size. 

Templates for Inertia Pases (TP) are optional and serving as the guiding rails for installation of the base of the pump on top of the inertia base. Customer has to provide the size of the bolts required for mounting.

Pump Stands are being installed at the inlet and outlet of an inline pump to provide seismic restrain and quarantee efficient operation of the equipment. Every support suites different flange sizes and configuration. Please check with pump manual before ordering this product. Waffle design antivibration pad is installed at the bottom of each stand accompanied by Bridge Bearing Neoprene bushing used inside the drilled holes at the base of the stand for fastening. These double vibration protection serves as an extra benefit feature to attenuate any possible vibration transfer to the floor.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: Inline pumps are often used in situations where ease of installation and maintennace is improtant. A pump stand (PS) can make it simpler to install the pump within the pipeline and also provide easier access for maintenance and repairs.

Pipe Riser Clamps: Pipe riser clamps are devices used to support and stabilize vertical pipes or risers in various applications, including plumbing, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, fire protection and other installations. They are preventing the pipes from moving, vibrating or saging that reduce the stress on the ppiping system. While used in the pipe risers applications, their installation is combined with spring or rubber vibration isolators to allow pipe expansion as specified by the engineers. 

Bridge Bearing Neoprene Bushing (BBN):  Neoprene is a type of elastomer that is offering excellent resistance to different weather conditions and is very durable. BBN  are sleeve-like components made from special type of neoprene with high comressive strength that allow its usage in civil construction such as bridges and other heave duty structures. These bushing help to prevent the vibration that is usually transfered through the anchor to the structure by seperating the metal part of the thread and the concrete.


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