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The Advantages of Using a Vibration Isolator with Cooling Towers

The Advantages of Using a Vibration Isolator with Cooling Towers

A certain level of vibration is normal to experience in any industrial application. Vibrations are present in cars, machines, most buildings, and the cooling tower industry is no exception to this. A cooling tower is a specialized heat exchanger in which air and water are brought into direct contact with each other in order to reduce the water’s temperature. When it comes to cooling tower structures, vibrations can potentially cause damage and lead to other mechanical issues. In order to reduce these mechanical issues, using a vibration isolator is often a solution to maintain equipment and increase longevity.

Here are the advantages of using them together with cooling towers:


Equipment damage is reduced

The basic function of a vibration isolator used with cooling towers is to reduce the transmission of vibrations produced by rotating mechanical equipment or water flow, into or within a building structure. A reduction in vibrations would be a helpful approach to isolating damaging shocks and tremors from important equipment and structures, and keeping them in good shape over the long term.


Cooling towers can be reinforced

Vibration isolators can be designed in a size or shape that supports a huge variety of applications. When you work with teams like the one at VibraSystems you are guaranteed strong hardware that has been tested in-lab against seismic and wind forces. For sensitive applications affected by natural disasters, a steel spring would provide perfect vibration damping that will help stabilize the towers. Seismic restrained spring vibration isolators are becoming a new standard in building and construction industries when it comes to applications that involve higher winds and potential for natural disasters.


Customized solutions for all applications

Our skilled team of in-house engineers at VibraSystems Inc. can customize vibration isolation mounts to perfectly fit your specific requirements. Whether your isolators use springs, or rubber pads, we can create a custom solution for you. With decades of experiences and countless years of research we guarantee customer satisfaction. Contact us today to find out how our custom solutions can assist your business!

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