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Product Spotlight - Open Spring Vibration Mounts

Product Spotlight - Open Spring Vibration Mounts

SMA series open spring vibration mounts are used to isolate floors and structures from equipment generating noise and low frequency vibration. These mounts can be installed directly under equipment bases, or under mounting frames. The mounts are recommended when installing pumps, fans, AC and air circulation units, compressors and other vibrating equipment.


Our SMA models have high deflection free-standing high quality steel coil springs, top and bottom natural rubber cups and plate with levelling bolt. The spring serves to isolate a broad range of vibration frequencies, while top and bottom rubber cups and bottom load plate act as a high frequency isolator, or noise break feature. The base plate features a neoprene non-skid noise isolation pad and can be bolted to the supporting structures. Vulcanized steel washers are embedded in rubber cups for uniform load distribution. All springs are made from high quality spring steel. They are colour coded for load capacity identification and are easily replaceable.


These vibration mounts are available with ¾” and 1” deflection, and load range from 35 lbs. to 90 lbs.  All springs at maximum load have 50% additional travel to solid load beyond rated load. Safety factor for mounts: maximum load is 50% of solid load. Built-in levelling bolt assembly facilitates attachment to the equipment.


Our anti vibration mounts are readily available, and can be shipped across Canada and the United States quickly and reliably.


VibraSystems continuous product development program and standard design meets all applicable industry standards, codes and requirements. All Spring Vibration Mount elements are safe at solid load. VibraSystems will help select each mount for the specified equipment and will meet additional customer requirements.  SMA Mounts are shipped fully assembled with the springs and elastomer cups attached in order to reduce on-site labour. On-site assembly and installation requires only basic tools.


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