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Product Spotlight - SML - Heavy Duty Anti Vibration Mounts

anti vibration mounts

VibraSystems offers anti vibration mounts in wide varieties, types, and even sizes, to accommodate industries and businesses across North America. Our SML models, available in painted and stainless steel, are an excellent example of industrial machinery mounts that are capable of isolating impacts as heavy as 10,000lbs.


When you need heavy duty anti vibration mounts, SML mounts are ideal for a number of reasons:


SML mounts are designed for heavy load applications where transmission of high impact/shock forces and vibration to the floors or support structures must be prevented. Common applications for these anti vibration mounts include installations of industrial presses, blowers, diesel generator systems, heavy-duty industrial equipment, steel mills, screens shakers, crushers, horizontal injection moulding systems, construction system supports, vibrators/crushers/shakers, injection moulding machinery and other production plant equipment.


Our SML multi-layer anti vibration mount is made of a rubber elastomer compound securely bonded with four metal plates. Both its upper and lower plates have four equipment mounting holes. This design reduces deflection under vertical load with increased stability when horizontal forces are applied. Multi-layer mount design allows for reduction of deflection under load. While using these anti vibration mounts, it’s important to keep in mind that the maximum shear force (in non-stacked configuration) must not exceed 40% of the vertical load; two mounts can be stacked to provide additional deflection under vertical loads, however, which considerably reduces maximum allowable shear force.


For marine, offshore, and other corrosive environments mounts (SMLS models) are made of 316L stainless steel and EPDM compound. For food, pharmaceutical, and hygiene critical applications mounts are made of 304 stainless steel and food grade rubber compounds.


VibraSystems’ continuous product development program and standard design meet all applicable industry standards, codes and requirements. VibraSystems will help select each mount for the specified equipment and will meet additional customer requirements for optimal product and material selection. To learn more about these anti vibration mounts, use the link above, or feel free to contact us through our toll-free number or onsite form anytime.

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