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Product Spotlight - Ax-1 Model Spring Mounts

spring mounts

Vibration and vibration-induced noise are generally caused by rotating and reciprocating equipment. Spring mounts are used to isolate equipment from structures and reduce the transmission of noise, shock and vibration. Typically, items such as pumps, fans, cooling towers, blowers, transformers, rooftop units, chillers, boilers, compressors, and A/C and AHU units require vibration-dampening mounts to protect them from these forces. Spring mounts are used for applications where low-frequency isolation is required. “Ax-1 Series” mounts (with 1" and 2" deflection rating) provide excellent isolation from critical forces and efficiently protect structures from shock and vibration.


Spring mounts from VibraSystems are available in many sizes and types, to suit your industrial application.


In general, spring mounts can be free-standing, restrained, and housed for variety of applications. One or more springs are placed inside the pre-finished robust cast iron housing. These units are installed either directly under vibrating equipment, or under its mounting frames. The coil springs inside the housing provide flexible support, and reduces the transfer of energy to the structures – or prevents it altogether. Spring elements are color-coded for load capacity identification, and provide mounts with load range from 55 lbs. to 900 lbs.


Mounts are supplied with slotted mounting holes for floor anchors, and a non-skid elastomeric acoustic pad can be found below the metal base. Side rubber pads in the base frame prevent metal-to-metal contact between the top and base components. A leveling plate inside the cast iron housing provides a maximum ½-inch adjustment. Spring mounts are available in two assemblies: hexagon head screw top, and flat surface top, with internal leveling features.  


VibraSystems' continuous product development program and standard design meets all applicable industry standards, codes and requirements. We will help select each mount for the specified equipment and will meet additional customer requirements. These mounts are shipped, fully assembled, with the springs installed inside the housing to reduce on-site labor. On-site adjustments, leveling and installation requires only basic tools. Feel free to contact VibraSystems anytime to learn more about these powerful anti-shock and vibration mounts today!