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2.6ILP - Intermediate Leveling Plate

Intermediate Leveling Plate allows the use of leveling machinery mounts (Vibrasystems VL-3) for hollow body frames.

Available models:

  • ILP = Intermediate Leveling Plate
  • ILP-VL-3 = ILP + VL-3 (leveling Isolator)


Recommended for:

Hollow body frames of the industrial machines such as Bridgeboard, Laguna, etc.

Designed for the installation of the machines with vertical loads only, without lateral forces.
Allows leveling of machines using VL-3 Mount.
Recommended to be used with Vibrasystem’s anti-vibration mounts type VL-3.
Zinc Plated for corrosion resistance.

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ModelMount Dimensions (in)
ModelMax Vertical Load Non-Impact (lbs)Deflection at Max Load (in)DLThreadPriceQuantityTotal
$36.00 USD
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ILP-VL-3-401,2501/164-3/875/8-11 UNC
$48.00 USD
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ILP-VL-3-602,5001/164-3/875/8-11 UNC
$50.00 USD
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