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1.5VHD/VHDL Excessive Load Vibration Dampers

VHD/VHDL isolatros/mounts are designed for heavy duty applications with a load range of up to 300,000lbs. These vibration dampers are extremely stable and provide excellent protection from vertical and impact shock forces. 
VHDL mounts incorporate leveling feature for precision leveling. Four guided pins in the bronze bushings provide excellent stability from lateral/shear forces. 

To reduce deflection of the mount under vertical load/shock force, VHD/VHDL isolators can be made with multiple layer elastomer technology.

Recommended for:
In vibration isolation of presses, hammers, crushers, rolling mill equipment, heavy vibrators, forges, structural isolators, and other heavy load applications.

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Maximum Load (lbs)Mount Dimensions (in)
ModelNon-impactImpactBolt SizeBaseHhH2h2PriceQuantityTotal
VHD-121225,00017,5001.5-12x1812x123.5253.5      Inquire
VHD-121638,00023,5001.5-12x1812x164.52.55.54      Inquire
VHD-162064,00044,5002.0-12x1816x20536.54.5      Inquire
VHD-202080,00056,0002.0-12x1820x20536.54.5      Inquire
VHD-202491,50064,0001.5-12 x 1020 x 244253.5      Inquire
VHD-2424115,50080,5001.5-12 x 1024 x 24536.54.5      Inquire
VHD-2828151,000105,5001.5-12 x 1028 X 28536.54.5      Inquire
VHD-3232190,000133,0002.0-12 x 1032 x 324264      Inquire
VHD-3636245,000172,5002.0-12 x 1036 x 365386      Inquire
VHDL-150,00030,0002-12x1817x177-3/4      Inquire
VHDL-270,00045,0002-12x1817x177-3/4      Inquire
VHDL-385,00055,0002-12x1822x227-3/4      Inquire
VHDL-4125,00080,0002-12x1822x227-3/4      Inquire
VHDL-5155,00095,0003-12x1830x308-1/2      Inquire
VHDL-6215,000140,0003-12x1830x308-1/2      Inquire
VHDL-7225,000145,0003-12x1836x3610      Inquire
VHDL-8300,000200,0003-12x1836x3610      Inquire
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