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Product Spotlight - EFJR Spring Mounts

spring mounts

Horizontal Thrust Restraint EFJR Series spring mounts are designed to help control expansion of the flexible joints. ASHRAE recommends that thrust restraints are used for fan heads, suspended fans, and base-mounted and suspended air-handling equipment. These models are available in three design options to control expansion: to the right, to the left, or both ways.


Thrust Restraints are pre-compressed assemblies designed to withstand thrust forces, and allow only required movements. The key horizontal thrust restraint component consists of a 2” dia. coil spring element with two neoprene end cups. Spring elements are color-coded for load capacity identification. Steel washers are embedded in the elastomer cups for uniform load distribution. The spring element can be preset for thrust and adjusted in the field. The assembly is supplied with a threaded rod and heavy angle brackets for attachment to both the equipment and the ductwork, or the equipment and the structure. Horizontal restraints should be attached at the centerline of thrust loads and shall be symmetrical on either side of the unit.


Horizontal Thrust Restraint spring mounts are available with 1”, 1.5” and 2” deflection, and load range from 37 lbs. to 900 lbs. Springs have additional travel to solid beyond rated load.


Optional models for these spring mounts can include the following:


  • Restraints with 3” dia. X 5” long springs rated for 2” deflection
  • Stainless steel brackets, threaded rod and all fasteners.


VibraSystems' continuous product development program and standard design meets all applicable industry standards, codes and requirements.  VibraSystems will help select each Horizontal Thrust Restraint for the specified equipment and services and will meet additional customer requirements.  Restraints are shipped fully assembled with the springs, elastomer cups, and hardware attached to the mount in order to reduce on-site labour. On-site adjustments and installation requires only basic tools. For more information on our available spring mounts, or to begin the process of obtaining your own, contact us today!

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