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8.7SBR and SkirtBoard Rubber

Economical, general purpose rubber sheet offers solid resistance to abrasion and impact. It is not recommended for applications where oil or gasoline is present.
Cut to width, SkirtBoard Rubber is designed for use as skirting on conveyor belt systems, making it a great cost-saving item.


Colour: Black
Finish: Smooth
Physical Characteristics
Tensile: 500 PSI
Elongation: 300% 
Hardness: 60 SHORE "A" +/- 5 
Temperature Range: -20°C to 80°C (-4°F to 176°F) 
Tolerance on Width: +/- .3937"
Please contact us for larger volume orders as further discounts may apply.
Parts No.Gauge x WidthLengthWT./Sq.ft.(lbs)PriceQuantityTotal
SBR Rubber
SBR060-.063-361/16" x 36"100FT0.47      Inquire
SBR060-.063-481/16" x 48"100FT0.47      
SBR060-.094-483/32" x 48"66FT0.71      Inquire
SBR060-.125-361/8" x 36"66FT0.94      Inquire
SBR060-.125-481/8" x 48"66FT0.94      Inquire
SBR060-.188-363/16" x 36"66FT1.41      Inquire
SBR060-.188-483/16" x 48"66FT1.41      Inquire
SBR060-.25-361/4" x 36"50FT1.89      Inquire
SBR060-.25-481/4" x 48"50FT1.89      Inquire
SBR060-.375-363/8" x 36"50FT2.83      Inquire
SBR060-.375-483/8" x 48"50FT2.83      Inquire
SBR060-.5-361/2" x 36"50FT3.77      Inquire
SBR060-.5-481/2" x 48"50FT3.77      Inquire
SBR060-.625-485/8" x 48"50FT4.71      Inquire
SBR060-.75-483/4" x 48"50FT5.66      Inquire
SBR060-1-481" x 48"50FT7.54      Inquire
SBR060-1.25-481 1/4" x 48"9FT9.43      Inquire
SBR060-1.5-481 1/2" x 48"9FT11.32      Inquire
SBR060-2-482" x 48"9FT15.09      Inquire
Skirt Board Rubber
SKBI55-.25-41/4" x 4"50FT0.63      Inquire
SKBI55-.25-51/4" x 5"50FT0.79      Inquire
SKBI55-.25-61/4" x 6"50FT0.95      Inquire
SKBI55-.25-81/4" x 8"50FT1.25      Inquire
SKBI55-.25-121/4" x 12"50FT1.89      Inquire
SKBI55-.375-43/8" x 4"50FT0.94      Inquire
SKBI55-.375-53/8" x 5"50FT1.17      Inquire
SKBI55-.375-63/8" x 6"50FT1.41      Inquire
SKBI55-.375-83/8" x 8"50FT1.88      Inquire
SKBI55-.375-123/8" x 12"50FT2.83      Inquire
SKBI55-.5-41/2" x 4"50FT1.25      Inquire
SKBI55-.5-51/2" x 5"50FT1.57      Inquire
SKBI55-.5-61/2" x 6"50FT1.88      Inquire
SKBI55-.5-81/2" x 8"50FT2.51      Inquire
SKBI55-.5-121/2" x 12"50FT3.77      Inquire
SKBI55-.75-63/4" x 6"50FT2.84      Inquire
SKBI55-.75-123/4" x 12"50FT5.66      Inquire
SKBI55-1-31" x 3"50FT1.89      Inquire
SKBI55-1-61" x 6"50FT3.77      Inquire
SKBI55-1-81" x 8"50FT5.02      
Note: When product price is not shown, please call our office for technical consultation prior to place an order