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4.7E-100-SERIES - Open Spring Mounts

The E-100-SERIES Spring Mounts are an open spring construction with bottom and top threaded holes to attach the mount to both base and machine frame. The plated steel construction gives a strong and resilient mount suitable for harsh environments. Open spring mounts have a low natural frequency.


Recommended for:

Suitable for ventilation units, fans, HVAC units, etc.

Quick and easy installation.
Low natural frequency.
Suitable for harsh environments.
Open Spring Mount.

Go here for Seismic Restrained Isolators:

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ModelMax Vertical Load (lbs)Deflection at Max Load (in)H - Height (in)W - Width (in)T - ThreadSpring Rate (lbs/in)PriceQuantityTotal
10150.722-3/83-1/8M1069  - - Inquire
130650.663-1/23-1/8M12984  - - Inquire
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