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SRMT 020

SRMT -020 series mounts are designed to provide an excellent isolation from critical vibrations, as well as, restrain from vertical and horizontal forces due to seismic activities and wind load problems.
• Efficiently prevent structures from transfer vibrations.
• Rugged welded steel housing is design to withstand seismic forces and high winds.
• Zinc plated or powder coated housing and springs offer good corrosion resistance.
• Springs are colour coded and easily replaceable if specifications have been changed.
•Elastomer spring base cup provided for better vibration isolation and noise reduction.                             

• Levelling range of up to 1/2".    

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 Recommended for:
HVAC equipment and fan assemblies, compressors, air handling units, centrifugal fans, pumps, chillers and applications where low-frequency isolation is required.

Srmt 020
Srmt 020

SRMT 0204-81.1Black
SRMT 0219-181.1Blue
SRMT 02218-360.9Red
SRMT 02336-720.8Yellow
SRMT 02450-1000.7White