Established in 1979


Center Bolted Mounts

Recommended Use:

  • engines, diesel-generator systems, compressors, pumps,fans, a/c systems, radiators, trucks' cabs and fuel tanks.
  • transfer plates/frames and intermediate mounting systems between equipment and bases/foundations.
  • accessory equipment and miscellaneous industrial machinery applications.
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Feature: efficiently isolate vibration and static/dynamic loads in all directions, attenuates shock inputs, prevent transmission of structure born noise, built-in rebound protection, low cost installation, long service life, available in wide range of sizes and loads.


Made with rubber elastomer with good resistance to industrial oils and grease compounds with operational temperature range of -40°F to 200°F.


CBM 101206.
CBM 1034012.
CBM 1057020.
CBM 20160201.00.501.
CBM 203130401.00.501.
CBM 205200601.00.501.
CBM 30160201.00.501.
CBM 303130401.00.501.
CBM 305200601.00.501.
CBM 40160201.25.501.
CBM 403130401.25.501.
CBM 405200601.25.501.
CBM 501200601.94.781.87.53.771.31.50
CBM 5034001201.94.781.87.53.771.31.50
CBM 5056001801.94.781.87.53.771.31.50
CBM 6015001502.50.902.53.64.891.54.75
CBM 60310003002.50.902.53.64.891.54.75
CBM 60515004502.50.902.53.64.891.54.75
CBM 70320006002.881.003.50.941.352.301.00
CBM 70530009002.881.003.50.941.352.301.00