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Tips for Shipping Products Safely


When moving items across the country, you might think things are bound to eventually shift or even break. However, with the proper preparation and equipment, you really can get all your items to their new location safely. We’ve come up with some tips to help you do just that:


What’s in the Box? - While some items may be hard to fix in a box, for the easiest, safest and most efficient move, you should secure everything within a box or another protective container.


Crated & Palleted Items - Certain items, such as heavy equipment and appliances, should be loaded onto your vehicle after being crated, placed and shrink wrapped onto a pallet.


Use Cargo Restraint Mats - For the best load securement product on the market, look no further than Vibra System’s cargo restraint mats. Designed for transporting fragile goods, glass, building materials, metal casings and much more, this mat prevents products from shifting and is a perfect alternative to wood blocking and other more expensive methods.


If you have questions about cargo restraint mats, or if you’re interested in other protective, anti-vibration products, look no further than Vibra Systems, Inc, and feel free to contact us today!

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