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Athletic Flooring

 Not all athletic flooring is created equal. While some types of athletic floors work best inside, others work better outdoors. Some kinds get dirty easily and need to be replaced frequently, while others were manufactured with longer lasting materials.


At VibraSystems Inc., we provide rubber athletic flooring that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations. Our flooring stands up to the toughest conditions, it’s easy to install and keep clean, and it is made from recycled materials to boot. Whether you’re looking to cover a high school gym floor, a dance studio, a patio, or a trade show booth floor, we’ve got you covered:


Single Layer Athletic Rubber Flooring - SLARF is tough and will last a long time even with frequent heavy traffic.


Dual Layer Athletic Rubber Flooring - DLARF is engineered to outlast conventional sports floors. DLARF is perfect for heavy-duty and commercial applications.


If you’re in need of athletic flooring or if you have questions about VibraSystems’ athletic flooring, give us a call at 800.567.0785 today.

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